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newgroundian-comrade quake! newgroundian-comrade quake!

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This is just excellent...

The layout of the scene itself and the characters are done beautifully.
Especially with the actions of the characters themselves. I was wondering what you were gonna do this year, and I'm speechless. Though text looks out of place (the text would be great on the banner) and Sydney/Miami Shark does not have eyes.

jouste responds:

yeah BoMToons mentioned that and the text will be gone soon.

and i did a whole bunch of different stuf with the shark but the eyes never really sat right. i wanted to put some sunglasses on him but they didn't work out. so i guess i just focused on the mouth.

thanks for the feedback! it is a good read.


newgrounds calendar entry newgrounds calendar entry

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Just amazing, man.

Jouste, I'm just glad you're entered this submission. The way you incorporated elements of NG in this piece, the symbolism and clash of both characters. I'm simply floored by it. It's really great the way it is. I'm rooting for you (even if my entry doesn't make the final cut).

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jouste responds:

thanks a lot redadder. i really wanted to get that symbolism across and i'm glad that it was one of the main things you focused on with your review.

best of luck to you as well! ;D